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Since 1 June 2007, there has been legislation in the Netherlands regarding the pricking of holes in the nose and ear. A permit is required to prick holes in the nose or in the cartilage.


Entrepreneurs who only pierce the earlobes are not subject to the licensing requirement.

If you want to pierce your nose or cartilage, you must register with your regional GGD or via the GGD website. You will then come and check this. If everything is in order, you will receive a permit for two years. The costs for applying for a permit are approximately € 225. As an entrepreneur, you are expected to work safely and sterile in accordance with the appropriate hygiene guidelines. These guidelines from the National Center for Hygiene and Safety include the requirements that apply to the people who prick the holes and the instruments that are used.

The Inverness system is fully approved and recommended by the GGD. After an inspection by the GGD, you will immediately receive a permit.


Below is an overview of available downloads:

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