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  • What makes the Inverness System so secure?
    The Inverness System has two unique features designed to make piercing as safe as possible: Inverness is the only piercing system with fully encapsulated earrings. This ensures that our earrings and the patented safety lock before pricking cannot be exposed to possible contamination. Our earrings are packed in sealed sterile cassettes that are only opened at the time of piercing. Unlike other systems, our earrings are never exposed until they are securely in the ear. Our patented safety closure ensures an optimal healing process by shielding the tip of the earring and preventing the closure from being too tight. This allows good airflow and prevents the earring from growing during the healing process. Inverness is the ONLY puncture system with the patented safety lock.
  • Can I choose from different materials to pierce the ear?
    YES. Inverness works with four different materials. Namely surgical steel, 24k gold plated, titanium and 14K yellow and white gold.
  • Where can I get punctured with the Inverness System?
    The Inverness Piercing System is used by jewelers, department stores, drugstores, beauty parlors and piercing shops in more than 70 countries worldwide. Please contact us if you need help finding an Inverness location in your area. Click here to see all stores
  • Are there many different models to prick with?
    YES. Inverness has a very wide range of earrings in different materials, colors, shapes and sizes. The collection consists of more than 60 different types of earrings in the materials 14k gold, titanium, 24k gold-plated and surgical steel.
  • How many holes have already been poked with the Inverness System?
    The Inverness system is used all over the world. So far we have pricked more than 200 million pairs of ears.
  • Why do you say "silently"?
    There are a number of reasons why the Inverness System is both safe and silent: Unlike noisy lancing guns that shoot an earring through the ear using a coil spring, our push-through system is very smooth and quiet. Our system will prick the hole in one quick, smooth movement and secure the patented safety lock. Our earrings are designed with extremely thin tips and ultra-fine tips, so that the earring will slide through the earlobe as smoothly as possible. Most people say they don't feel a thing when they are poked with the Inverness System.
  • What is the thickness of the earring pin?
    The bar of the earring is between 0.761 mm and 0.002 mm thick.
  • Is it safe to pierce my baby?
    Yes. Babies all over the world are pricked at a very young age. Inverness recommends that parents wait until after the first vaccinations, usually 6-9 weeks after birth. However, this is a personal decision and we recommend that you discuss your specific situation with your pediatrician.
  • Do you have any tips for poking holes in babies and small children?
    Make sure to pick a spot that uses the Inverness System. Only Inverness earrings have our patented safety clasp that protects your little one from the sharp tip of the earring. Bring your camera and family members to capture and celebrate this milestone! We hope you'll share your story with us by sending it to
  • Can the Inverness System be used for body piercing?
    No. The Inverness System is designed to pierce the earlobe and outer cartilage of the ear. Our system can never be used for piercings in other body parts.
  • Is a piercing through the cartilage just as silent as through the earlobe?
    Yes. A piercing through the cartilage is just as silent with the Inverness System as through the earlobe.
  • How does earlobe cartilage differ?
    Cartilage is the strong flexible connective tissue in the top of the ear. The difference in healing is that the earring in the cartilage takes 12 weeks to heal. A lot longer than the earlobe, namely six weeks.
  • How long does it take for a new cavity to heal?
    The average time is 6 weeks for the earlobe and 12 weeks for a cartilage puncture. Inverness recommends that you keep the pierced earrings in and follow the aftercare instructions for 6 weeks after an earlobe puncture and 12 weeks after a cartilage puncture. For tips & more information view our aftercare tips and timeline.
  • Is it okay to change or remove my earrings during the healing process?
    You can't put on other earrings until after the recovery period. This is 6 weeks for the earlobe and 12 weeks for a cartilage hole. Newly pierced holes are very sensitive and require special care and attention. If you remove the earrings during the recovery period, the holes can close up or it can be very difficult to get earrings through the hole again - no matter how short they are. View here tips for aftercare after piercing


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